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Dr. Tamar Yashar

Dr. Tamar Yashar was born in Israel. Graduate of Tel-Aviv City High School "Ironi Alef".
Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine from Turin University, Italy in 1983.
In 1990, she finished her internship in anesthesia at the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, where she continued working and works today as a senior physician in the field of anesthesia as well as at the pain clinic. She holds the position of a mentor at Tel-Aviv University, where she coaches students, interns, and physicians from overseas. Dr. Yashar speaks Hebrew, English, Italian, Romanian & French



Chosen as an outstanding lecturer in a course offered to physicians from overseas at Tel-Aviv University.

Lectures in Israel and in Italy to specialist physicians, students, and nurses on the subject of pain. Graduate of an acupuncture course at a college in California. Administers acupuncture treatment at her private clinic.

Visiting lecturer in a course on pain at Aquila University, Italy.



Appointed pain consultant at the Orthopedic Oncology Department, Metastases Treatment Unit, Ichilov




Appointed Pain Coordinator at Clalit Healthcare Fund, Zamenhof Clinic, Tel-Aviv, to which patients are referred from all over the center of Israel. Thousands of patients are treated at this clinic.



Appointed by the Magistrate's Court as an expert witness on the subject of pain.



Appointed "super consultant" to Leumit Healthcare Fund. In 2008 set up a pain clinic of Leumit Healthcare Fund for the Tel-Aviv area (to which patients from all over the country are referred).


Sep. 2007

Practical course on implantation of SCS devices, Medox Ltd., Hungary (including diploma)


Feb. 2007

Nysora Asian Congress, Singapore. Practical course on nerve blocking under ultrasound (including diploma)


Nov. 2006

Course on peer training on application of radio frequency procedures for the treatment of spinal pain,

University of Toronto (including diploma).


Sep. 2006

ESRA Convention, Monaco. U.S. Workshop Pump (including diploma).


May 2005

Practical course at ESI, Hamburg, German to learn the technique of intrathecal morphine pump implantation

(including diploma).


Mar. 2004

Practical course in Belgium arranged by Arrow – EMI Technologies on stimucath implantation, a method used

for treating orthopedic patients after shoulder surger and orthopedic-oncology patients.



WIP, Course on invasive procedures, Budapest, Hungary (including diploma).



Course on pain as part of advanced studies at Tel-Aviv University.


  • Anesthesiologists Association


  • Israeli Pain Organization


  • ESRA – European Society of Regional Anesthesia


  • EFIC – International Association for the Study of Pain




  • Epidural M.O. pretreatment for post operative episiotomy, CLINICAL J.OF PAIN – 1994


  • Timing of epidural M.O. administration effects post episiotomy analgesia, PAIN – SUPLEMENT 6 P.301 ABS.808


  • Combined pre-incisional oral dextromethorphan and epidural lidocaine for postoperative pain reduction and morphine sparing: randomise double-blind study on day-surgery patientAnesthesia 56 (7), 616-622


  • Halothane, isofluorane and fentanyl raise the minimally efficacious defibrillation threshold of an implantable cardioversion defibrillator: first report in humans. Anesthesia and Analgesia – 2002; 95:1147-53


  • Ecstasy intoxication : life-threatening manifestations and resuscitation measures in the intensive care setting 
    Submitted – J.critical care


  • Dr. Yashar co-authored a manual in Hebrew for anesthesiologists to which she contributed chapters with the following headings:

1. Local and regional anesthesia:

a. Pharmacology of local and regional anesthetics.

b. Lumbar (intraspinal) anesthesia.

c. Plexus anesthesia and blocking of individual nerves.

d. Opiates in regional anesthesia.


2. Treatment of post-surgical pain.


3. Treatment of chronic pain:

a. Function of the pain clinic.

b. Methods of treating chronic pain

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